Rockrooster Footwear
Since we both share a passion for outdoor adventure and travel, you know the importance that footwear has on experience. After finding Rockrooster Footwear, I'm a daily user for their boots because of their affordability, comfort, and style! I use their VAP611 for going out, KS5516 for hiking, and AK 227 for work! I get complimented on them regularly and am always quick to encourage friends to check out their boots! Check out their page by clicking the link below!

Kitsbow Cycling Apparel
As an active young adult, I'm always seeking ways to enjoy outdoor experiences more. Recently, I stumbled across Kitsbow's line of cycling apparel, and the handmade (in North Carolina), breathable, moisture wicking fabric is the perfect fit for any activity I do! From lounging around the bus to cycling in a triathlon, their apparel has a great athletic fit while offering supreme comfort. I primarily wear it as a base layer for athletic events, and choose to sport it under a flannel in the Fall! I highly recommend Kitsbow after testing their apparel in many scenarios and want to hear your experience with it! Check out the link below to find their line of cycling/outdoor apparel and if something stands out to you, let me know so I can try it as well! My favorite product is their Escalator Merino Crew! Check it out at the link below.
ISLE Surf and Sup
I love outdoor recreation, but a challenge I run into is having the storage space to haul the equipment I use! When I found out about ISLE's inflatable paddleboard's I knew this solution would be perfect for living on the road in a tiny house! The paddleboard comes in a backpack (resembles a hiking backpack) and can be inflated in minutes! This paddleboard hands down feels more stable on the water than any others I have used on the water, and the bungee webbing makes it easier to carry a pack with you if you'll be on the water for a while! Check out their page by following the button below!
HEST Sleep System
Just because you live in a school bus doesn't mean you don't have the urge to go camping every weekend! As an avid tent camper, I know the importance of getting good sleep on weekend adventures. Roll-up travel mats are convenient, but we all know you won't sleep as well on one of them as you would in your king sized bed at home. That's why I use a HEST mattress! It's the first system of its kind, where the lower half of the mattress is inflatable so you can adjust the firmness/softness to your liking, and the top half is memory foam! This mattress puts you to sleep and keeps you asleep until you've skipped the sunrise you went camping to see! It's not great for long distance hiking as you can see it doesn't pack small enough to fit in a backpack, but for those who take their car to the campsite, this mattress is the way to go!
JOOLCA Nomad HOTTAP + Ensuite Double Tent
Several months after regularly using my Joolca HotTap, I still can't get over how helpful it is to have around. It is the ultimate solution for having hot water wherever you are! All that is required is some sort of water source (a river, lake, hose, bucket of water, etc.) and using propane, it instantly heats the water up to 120F! You can change the temperature instantly, and it makes it incredibly convenient while traveling! The shower tent comes separately, but gives ample room for changing and showering in private wherever you are! I can't say this for everything I own, but I 10/10 recommend Joolca and you will too once you start using it!
Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station
There's a reason most full-time nomads own a Jackery! This solar power station is my go-to every time I travel! I use it daily to run my hot plate, bring it in my car to charge my laptop on the road, and take it camping to run a fan or charge a speaker in the summer! The Explorer is their 1000W unit which works perfect for what I use it for, but they make both bigger and smaller models! If you're on the fence about buying one of these, hopefully this will convince you to bite the bullet and buy it, because there are a million uses for it and I take it with me everywhere I go-including when a trim bushes, because I can plug in the trimmer to it and not have to haul around a long extension cord around the property! 
Camp Chef Outdoor Deluxe Oven
I feel like I don't really have to say much for Camp Chef, because their brand is so loved internationally. The uses for the outdoor deluxe oven make propane cooking incredibly easy, though. For just over $300, you can't find something like this anywhere else, as you can both cook on the burners/griddle, and use the oven to bake foods at the same time. Frozen pizza and brownies just become regular camping foods with this oven, and it takes the stress out of finding firewood dry enough to halfway cook your hotdogs. The link to this oven is below. Check it out!
COTRE CO607 Walkie Talkie
I've always loved having the ability to stay connected with people I adventure with, and the COTRE CO607 walkie talkie currently fills that important aspect for me! As I have used different models through the years, I'm recommending this one because of a few features which you will love! First off, I'm a big fan of the bright yellow color because I am notorious for setting things on the ground and forgetting where I left them. With this model, you’ll never have to worry about where you set it in low light conditions or while rummaging through a backpack. Secondly, this is the ultimate model for the highest degree of privacy, as it features 22 FRS channels with over one hundred sets of CTCSS privacy codes, combining for 2,662 combinations to block signal intervention to ensure no one will drop into your call uninvited. If this is not of concern, you can communicate with FRS radios of any brand upon selecting the same channel. The talk range is advertised as 32 miles, but I’ve found it's only useful for up to a few miles. This still suits my needs perfectly. Each unit comes with a built-in flashlight, earphone jack, waterproof keypad, and several other standard features to make it handy for any user. If you’re looking for a reliable two-way radio which charges with a USB cord, this product is for you! Check out the Amazon link below to see the COTRE CO607 on Amazon!
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