Firstly, I AM NOT AN ELECTRICIAN! A friend of mine helped me install the electrical system in the bus, and we experimented with the setup as it was both of our first times outfitting a school bus setup. The system requires the bus to be running, or the bus to be plugged in to 30/50amp service for power. In the future, I hope to invest in a solar electrical system, but for now this setup works well for me. 
If you'd like to help support the time I've spent compiling all this information to help you who share a common dream with me, please feel free to check out the Roamer Bus Full Conversion Guide on Etsy, where you can find similar drawings for dimensions, plumbing plans, annotated materials lists, elevations, sections, etc. Find that information below by pressing the link!
This information is intended to be a graphic representation of the electrical system in my bus, but consult an electrician before installing your system. I may have mistakenly mis-documented some of this information, as it is the first time I have been exposed to this skill as well, so I urge you to consult a professional before installing/planning your system out.
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