As I'm sure you can imagine, it's difficult to balance full-time grad school, personal relationships, hobbies, grad assistantships, etc. with answering every question I get asked on social media, while creating resources on the side to help others who share this common dream with me. BUT, I am excited for the future and to explore new ways to help you who share a common dream with me! Although my studies come first, I have started to work on a document with various floor plan configurations for different sized buses/tiny homes which cater to different adventure lifestyles! Along with that, I'm working on the Rowmer Houseboat Plans which is modeled after the Roamer Bus Plans on Etsy! As an interior designer, architect student, and landscape architect student, I know it is my responsibility to help others who haven't had the opportunity to be educated in these fields, so I'm excited to continue working on that PDF document!
Your support by purchasing a sticker, the Roamer Bus Plans Full Conversion Guide, or even simply being active on social media (and the fact you're reading this now) is very appreciated and helps me have motivation and energy to keep on producing resources to help others learn from what I've learned on my journey! Thank you to nearly 300 of you who have purchased the Roamer Bus Plans on Etsy, and for rating it 5 stars which classifies it as a bestseller in the category!
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