Hi! I'm Caleb, the creator of the Roamer Bus! In February 2020, I had a dream to convert a school bus into a tiny home. Sparked by a friend's similar project, I wanted to prove to myself I could live more simply, within my means, and learn how to do skills such as plumbing, woodworking, and electrical work. As a graduate architecture student, I knew these skills would come in handy down the road. Within a year of buying that old yellow school bus in Rome, GA, the Roamer Bus has received views from over 20 million like-minded adventurers who also strive for an affordable, sustainable, and rewarding way to live. 
The information on this site has the sole purpose of documenting information which would have been helpful for myself while going through my conversion process. Why waste hours of time (like I did) reading through YouTube or Amazon reviews for materials which will stand the test of the road? Why waste energy of planning a floorplan only to be reminded every day that you didn’t leave enough clearance to walk through? Simple tasks can become stressful decisions while converting a school bus, and the peace of mind to know you won’t get bit from cutting a corner will save you anxiety on your journey. 
I encourage you to pour over this information I have spent months compiling and creating, and let it inspire you to pursue our common dream! As a like-minded explorer who lives full-time in a school bus, this adventure will change your life, so why wait to prepare?
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